Streamline your receivables and save on excessive fees with PromptPAY Plus

Now there is a solution to unknown, excessive charges on your credit card processing statement.

With EFT Management processing services, you can now accept credit cards AND streamine your accounts receivable with our all-rolled-into-one services.

Bundle your services and pay less for processing.

As you may already know, collecting your receivables with EFT costs a lot less than using Pay Pal or leasing a bank-owned terminal. EFT Management is now able to bundle your EFT and Credit Card Processing to reduce all the extra fees on your statement each month.

Cost Plus pricing system which eliminates all the Hidden Markups
You control the payment, and eliminate Customer Generated Payment systems
Safe and secure processing protects customer information

All other credit card acceptance programs cost your business more money because they group the pricing, depending on card type, and round up the percentage they charge you. Our system completely eliminates all non-essential fees, surcharges and fluff associated with other structures that inflate your monthly cost.

Let us help you save your business' profits! Call 1-800-701-4338 and we can arrange a demo at your convenience.